How to self diagnose Antivirus blocking Salad



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  • FlashMan16

    "If you antivirus is not listed here we are happy to pay for guides to be written by our users. Just follow the format of the guides above."

    Challenge Accepted. (Might want to fix the "you" into "your" there)


    Adding an exception to AVG:

    Once Salad is installed, open AVG interface and open up the Settings Menu (in the top left there is a "Menu" dropdown with Settings, or select Computer under Basic Protection and click the gear icon on the right)

    In the Settings Menu, select the General tab and select the Exceptions subheading, and click Add Exception.

    In the window that pops up, copy and paste this line into the field given:

    • C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\Salad\

    Remember to replace the **** with the name of the account you're using. If your computer account is called FlAsH, then you would use: C:\Users\FlAsH\AppData\Roaming\Salad\

    Click Add Exception and now you can chop some salad with no more alerts from AVG. Contact support if something goes wrong.


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